Is there such a thing as aggressive dog training Richmond? The answer is yes. Pet owners have long struggled to keep their dogs behaved. Believe us, some have gone as far as setting their dog up for adoption because they could not control it. It’s a sad story but if you were in their shoes, you’d probably do the same thing. Teaching a dog to behave is easier said than done but if you have the determination, you will be able to successfully discipline your dog and get rid of bad dog behavior.

A word of warning, training dogs is not a walk in the park. Remember how your high school teacher walked out on your class because no one would listen to her? Well, if you start training your dog, you’ll be able to empathize with your teacher. The difference is that, unlike humans, dogs do not have a conscience so even if you’ll walk out on them, it won’t change anything. To help you get started, we’ve compiled some helpful strategies to stop unwanted dog behaviors.

How to Successfully Train Your Dog

Training, Training, and More Training

You can’t expect your dog to behave unless you train it. You can opt to hire a professional dog trainer if you can’t commit your time, attention, and energy but if you can, training is the key. Teaching your dog basic obedience training helps train your dog. We recommend you use positive reward-based training. This is a popular training strategy that has garnered a lot of praise and compliments because it’s dog-friendly and it produces successful results.

This strategy will let your dog understand that when it does something good it will be rewarded. It offers mental stimulation, improves your bond with your dog, and helps your dog release pent-up energy. We suggest you start with one command a week and only move to a new command once your dog has mastered the previous one.

Allocate Time for Exercise

As funny as it sounds but do you know that a tired dog is a well-behaved dog? Try to go away for half a day and see what happens to your dog when you come back. If it jumps on you or chews on your pair of sandals then you’re not giving your dog enough time for exercise. The reason why your dog misbehaves is that they have so much energy in them and they channel it towards chewing and jumping. To reduce their hyperactivity, try to squeeze in time for exercise.

Dog-Proof Your Home

Do you know that one effective way of preventing bad dog behavior is by dog-proofing your home? You know your dog is prone to chewing your shoes so it would be unwise if you leave your expensive kicks outside where your dog can access them. Keep toys and shoes away from your dog. It’s easier to prevent bad dog behavior from forming than correcting them.

Reward Your Dog for Good Behavior

When your dog is behaving well pet or praise your dog. If your dog doesn’t jump on guests, give your dog a treat. And if your dog obeys commands, reward your dog with a walk in the park. It’s easier for your dog to understand the command “sit” instead of saying “stop jumping”.

Consistency Helps with Discipline

Everyone in your household has to be informed about the rules because if one member gives food to a begging dog at the table, your dog will end up confused and will not know if begging is good or bad.


If your dog behaves badly, there is hope for you. You can choose to train your dog and learn about the different dog training methods or you may hire a professional dog trainer. The advantage of hiring pros is you know that the results are safe and guaranteed.